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Pet Boarding 

Feisty Farms Animal Retreat

The farm is also a year-round pet boarding/daycare facility.  We primarily board horses and dogs at the farm, but have had the occasional cat and guinea pig:) 


Our fenced-in dog field is over one acre of free space for roaming and playing.  Indoors, dogs are part of the family with freedom to move about the house. Our kennel spaces are used minimally and when necessary, like feeding times.


To book your pets stay, contact Sharon Dooley at 319-331-4397 or email below.


Out in the Field

We are out in the dog field no matter what the weather. In times of extreme cold, we limit the time for the safety of us humans and your dog family.  We go out 4-6 times a day into the acre+ fenced-in space for fresh air and physical activity. Your dog will most likely be tired and satisfied when you pick them up and bring them home.


We strive to serve dogs in a way that is important to them.  They do not need fancy private rooms or pristine outdoor facilities.  Dogs love to be in the natural world, running off leash, socializing, sniffing and exploring.  We love getting to know every dog that comes through the gate, and provide a home-like environment that is comforting to them. Deep down we believe that all dogs deserve to be farm dogs.

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