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Our Story

A summer unlike any other

The year 2020 was a crazy year for everyone.   For my mom and I, we found ourselves spontaneously laid-off from our jobs.  It was an interesting time of reflection and contemplation. We had time to talk about all the things we would do with our lives and decided to actually do one of those things, start a business together.

One thing we knew for sure was that we love this land and the area in which we live.  I live right next door to my mother so we literally live on the same land.  We also knew that other people enjoy it too.  We live just outside Iowa City on a scenic road of hills, farms, and forest.  If you've never biked down Newport and Sugar Bottom you are missing out.  

We decided to plant flowers, lots and lots of flowers, and hung our hand-painted business sign encouraging others to come as well.  Wouldn't flowers make us and others happier despite all the chaos in the world?  As the people came and enjoyed the flowers with us, it became clear that the answer was yes.

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