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Come experience the beauty of nature at Lovely Bunches! Our family-owned and operated farm is committed to using regenerative practices to bring the best of nature to your table. Enjoy U-Pick flowers, seasonal produce, and pasture-raised eggs - all grown with the planet in mind.

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U-Pick Flowers

At Lovely Bunches, we are passionate about growing the most beautiful and unique flowers and greenery in the area. Our flower season will begin in May/June, and each week brings an abundance of fresh blooms. We have open U-Pick hours every weekend and other days by reservation.

We take great pride in our flowers and are always looking for ways to provide customers with the best experience. From our U-Pick days to our special orders, we strive to make sure that every customer leaves with something that will bring joy to their life.

You Pick Bucket  $25


 Our flower farm is the perfect place for anyone who loves flowers and enjoys experiencing nature. Our mission is to provide individual and customized service to everyone. We love welcoming everyone onto the farm and hope the experience is equally rewarding.

Flower Kits Available

*​bouquet bars

*flower crowns
*edible flowers

These kits are perfect for any party--kids and adults love playing with flowers!


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Lovely Bunches

Lovely Bunches is a family friendly destination where you can pick your own bouquet amongst many flowers not available in stores.  We have a wide range of cultivated flowers available for you to create the most beautiful and unique bouquet imaginable.  Due to the change of seasons, our offerings will change from Spring through Fall, so be prepared to be surprised by new varieties every time you visit.

Come on Down to the Farm!

2915 Newport Rd NE, Iowa City, IA


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