Lovely Bunches

Looking for a fun outdoor activity? Come on by our Farm! Lovely Bunches is a family friendly destination where you can pick your own bouquet amongst many flowers not available in stores.  We have both wildflowers and cultivated flowers available for you to create the most beautiful and unique bouquet imaginable.  Due to the change of seasons, our offerings will also change, so join our email list to be in the know.

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Closed for the Season

***Opening again in April 2022

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Special Events

Fun for the Whole Family!

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In the Garden

Earliest flowers and greenery available for picking in spring 2022 will be tulips, daffodils, pansies, salvia, Maltese Cross, Dames Rocket, Penstemon, Iris, Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella), Snapdragons, Bachelor's Buttons, Chocolate Lace Flower, Feverfew, Bee Balm, Pincushion Flower, Sweet William, Persian Cress, Bells of Ireland, and Bupleurum.


Activities for Kids

The garden welcomes people of all ages!  Last year we had so much fun and hope to provide an additional activity or two for those with littles in tow.


Seasonal Produce and Farm Fresh Eggs

As our name suggests, we are flower focused, but we have a few other things going on at the farm.  We have lots of lovely chickens and ducks that provide farm fresh eggs.  We also have seasonal produce when available.


Flower Gardens

Wildflowers, Grasses, and Herbs

I have always loved flowers, but haven't been a fan of their environmental impact.  Most flowers in the U.S. travel long distances from other countries and are also full of pesticides because they are not consumable products.  We want to offer another option, local clean flowers! We are an environmentally conscious farm that tends our gardens using organic practices to ensure the health of the soil and people who visit our farm.  No one should live without flowers or worry about chemicals on them.


Seasonal Flowers


Fill a bucket with whatever blooms you like.  Depending on amounts of particular specialty flowers, there may be some limitations that will be specified upon arrival.  Call ahead or email for more up to date information.

Hanging Herbs

Fresh Herb Bundles


Pick up to five herbs of your choice for your culinary uses.

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Come on Down to the Farm!

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